The Happiest Days of Your Life – Penelope Livery | Engelsk Opgave

Titel: “The Happiest Days of Your Life”
Årstal: 1978
Forfatter: Penelope Lively
Genre: Short story

1. Summary
2. Essay
3. Discussion

The short story “The Happiest Days of Your Life” by Penelope Livery 1978, is about Charles’ parents who are considering if their child should attend St Edward's Preparatory School, next term so the father can get contacts. While they are driving to the school the mother (Mrs. Manders) asks Charles questions but he does not get a chance to answer.

They have a meeting with the headmaster’s wife where they talk about the school and its qualities. Charles is taken to his potential classmates where everybody asks questions, he does not get a chance to answer, once again.

The parents only see it from their perspective as we can see in the short story, Line 25-27/ page 56: ‘’One or two of the merchant bankers, those kinds of people. It's the sort of contact that would do no harm at all.’’ One can read that the parents do not think about their son but only the contacts that would turn up.

The narrator takes the mother's point of view. She is the dominating character because we see many things from her point of view. One read that it is the mother’s description of the headmaster’s wife and not Charles nor the father. The mother focuses on details. Her language shows us that she is from the upper class or trying to fit in the upper class

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