The happiest days of your life | Analytical essay

How would you feel to never be heard? And always be overlooked by your parents. “The happiest days of your life” is a short story written by a Egyptian born British author named Penelope Lively in year 1978.

The car turned right, between white gates and high, dark, tight clipped hedges. The whisper of the road under the tyres changed to the crunch of gravel” and on (p.3, ll. 9-10).

Where it says. “The building was red brick, early nineteenth century, spreading out long arms in which windows glittered blackly.” Even Mrs. manners seems to see the high class of this boarding school in the text on (p. 3, ll. 14-16). “….

The woman, the mother, thought: I like the way they´ve got the maid all done up properly, the little white apron and all.” Mrs. Manners loves the upper-class and she just want her little boy to be a part of it.

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