‘The Happiest days of your life’ | Analysis | Noter

The story is called “The happiest days of your life”. The story takes place in a very rich environment. The school looks like an old mansion. They got a maid to open the door for them, and it feels like that it is in the upper middle-class.

The wife is very kind and polite. It seems like she really like children and that the children also very fond to her. She does not care if the families are rich or not that rich.

Basically, she is very down on earth. Unlike the headmaster who is very awkward with children and does not know how to handle kids. He is very perfectionist when it comes to clothes.

He like a high-and look. I can tell by the way the story is telling us, “his clothes were mature rather than old his skin well-scrubbed, his shoes clean, his geniality untainted by the least condescension”.

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