‘The Happiest Days of Your Life’ | Analysis

Starting in a new school can sometimes feel very lonely. Especially if you have a middle-class background and are not used to play with children from upper-class families.

This is how the protagonist in “The Happiest Days of Your Life” feels. In this story from 1978, the author, Penelope Lively, tells a story about a young boy and his parents.

In the short story, Charles and his parents Mr. andMrs.Manders are the most important characters.James Spokes, the headmaster of the school, and his wife Margaret Spokes are secondary characters.

Charles, the main character in the short story, is likely about the age of 11-12 years old, as it is stated on(page 58, line 3-4) that Charles would be in the Lower Third if he got put in the school, which is equivalent to year 7 where kids are in the age as mentioned before.

On page 56 Charles is described as a child with black, hair, large, jutted ears and Charles is also described by Mrs.Manders as “hideously pale” “(page 57, line 27).

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