‘The happiest days of my life’ | Analyse | 10 i karakter

In today’s world, there is often a big difference in what you want to become in the future, and what your parents wants you to become.

Your parents often think they know what’s best for us, then what we ourselves thought. The short story “the happiest days of my life” is written by Penelope lively. The story is about a well rich family. They are visiting a very poplar boarding school, St.

The setting
Charles’ relationship with his parents

We can here on p.56, ll. 43-43 “You live in Finchley, is that right?' 'Hampstead, really,' said the mother.”

see how quickly the mother switch the headmaster’s wife, and tell them, that they live in Hampstead, which is a residential neighbourhood that is preferred by academics, artists and media people.

And it’s obviously makes the family appear a little better that they really are. The short story is very interesting to read, because the author is like a fly on the wall, and we hear the story from different sights.

And its actually what an omniscient third narrator is characterized about, exact to do the reader able to read the story from different persons.

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