The Gentlemen of the jungle | Jomo Kenyatta | Analyse

Write an analytical essay in which you analyse and interpret the short story “The gentlemen of the jungle” by Jomo Kenyatta. Compare the story to Ben Okri’s story “The Mysterious Anxiety of Them and Us”. Use the knowledge you have learned from SO6.

Write the analytical essay in English.

”The Gentlemen of the Jungle” is a short story about a man and an elephant who befriend each other. One day a thunderstorm occurred, and the man helped his new friend the elephant, by allowing it to place its trunk inside the hut as there was no space enough for the whole of the elephant.

The elephant then proceeded to put its whole head inside of the hut which forced the man outside. This little incident upset the man and he started grumbling which could be heard by the other animals nearby. An enquiry was setup by the lion who was 'King of the Jungle’ and many different animals where put in as ministers under the Imperial Commission.

The situation was discussed and the man had no say as he was not allowed a minister from his side, while his kind were not capable of understanding the intricacy of jungle law. Every animal voted on the elephant’s side, so they had to make the man build a new hut which was then occupied by another animal.

This vicious little circle continued till every animal in the commission each had their own hut. The man got tired of this thinking he had to plan and trap the others so that he could live in a hut for himself.

He proceeded to build a bigger and better hut. When all the animals saw this, they all rushed to get a space in the there, and a dispute started which erupted to fighting over who has rights to the place. The man then in all secrecy set the hut on fire, and lived happily ever after.

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