‘The Gentlemen of the jungle’ | Analytical essay | 10 i karakter

”The Gentlemen of the Jungle” is a short story about a man and an elephant who befriend each other.

One day a thunderstorm occurred, and the man helped his new friend the elephant, by allowing it to place its trunk inside the hut as there was no space enough for the whole of the elephant.

The elephant then proceeded to put its whole head inside of the hut which forced the man outside.

The point of this short story is to show how the man does not belong with the animals. The elephant who his supposed friend, did nothing to help the man, even after the had just helped him by allowing him to put his trunk in the hut.

Together with the way which the commission treated him, the did not allow him a minister from his side in the commission, and did not allow him to defend his case, as he was interrupted when he made an effort to do so.

Being treated unfairly makes the man want to do better, and he makes an even better hut. The main character of this short story is ‘The man’.

The man is a nice person who thinks selflessly. Even when treated unfairly, he did not lash out. Although he did do so once throughout the story, which was described as a grumble that could be heard by the animals nearby.

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