The Gentlemen of the Jungle | Analyse | Jomo Kenyatta

The Gentlemen of the Jungle is a fable written in 1938 by Jomo Kenyatta who was English-educated and became the first prime minister in 1963 and he became Kenya’s first president in 1964.

The story is about how a foreign man meets an elephant from the jungle. A conflict arises between the couple because the elephant exploits the man’s hospitality by taking his hut as his home.

The lion sets up an investigation but that only leaves the man waiting for a long amount of time. The man decides to build new huts, but the episode repeats itself. The commissioners enter the new huts and find legal excuses just to stay in the huts.

The title says a lot about the fable, the animals are supposed to be the gentlemen of the jungle by covering for each other and acting courteously when they cannot be blamed for their injustice.

Jomo Kenyatta is using irony to show us that the European colonies considered themselves as gentlemen but none of the animals are gentlemen due to their arrogant and racist attitude.

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