The future of retail | Engelsk

Good after noon everyone. My name Is Valdemar Mathias Nielsen and I work as an assistant at the Modern Retail Association. I have been kindly asked to give a speech on the future of retail as well as discuss how retailers can survive and thrive with a world controlled by technology.

The development of the technology has been more updated and detailed. With many new inventions you can say that we are moving towards of controlled by technology.

Technology gives people easy and functional solution on which many are fascinated and dependent.

With the proliferation of mobile devices, smart glass and smart appliances, e-commerce and marketing associated with it will become more intertwined with our future instant gratification lifestyle.

I think the development of the technological systems is due to people being fascinated by the easy solution and being able to solve problems on their own.

A survey shows that seven in ten consumers expect businesses to have self-service options on their websites, and 67% say they prefer self-service.

Therefore, have a lot of companies innovated self-service machines, to help themselves with wage bill and the customer by providing consumers with what they demand.

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