When did you buy your last piece of clothing? The majority of Americans buy clothes for themselves at least once a month , which sustain why clothing production has more than doubled globally since 2000 .

According to the development, the fashion industry has become one of the leading industries economically.

The main reason for this development is “the constant need for new clothing” which leads to the term Fast Fashion. Fast Fashion is a phrase that particularly is discussed in the sustainability world.

However, it is not only the brands that are cautious of the problem. It is also the consumers who aren't as willing to pay more for each item, which does not play together with how environmentally conscious they convey to be.

Especially the Millenials are also considered as generation Y, which indicates the consumers born from 1980 to 1995.

These users constitute about 23% of the global population, hence they are some of the most essential consumers to bring fast fashion to an end .

But why? Millennials are the generation that grew up under the clothing productions evolution. They got accustomed buying clothes for low prices, which results in the general preference quantity rather than quality.

This mentality can’t go on for any longer. Therefore they need to live up to their words and prove. Because without them showing action and changing their buying behavior the brands will continue to produce as much because the consumers keep buying it.

“It´s quantity that in the end, you know ruins it all because we cant produce this much, this is not sustainable” .