The December dream

Engelsk analyse af “The december dream”

Once upon a time there was a young boy named Charles. He loved December mostly because of the white snow, the gifts and the lovely food that was going to be served every once a year. For Charles it was a special day and meant a lot for him. He woke up early every morning in the December. Run-ning over to the windowsill and rolled up the curtains to check if it has started to snow yet. But that wasn’t the most important thing for Charles. An old man, white long beard, red and white colored clothing, an elf hat and last but not least a filled up bag with presents. Santa Claus. Charles biggest dream was to meet Santa on the nights where he goes down the chimneys too hide the presents under the Christmas trees.

The next day. Charles started with doing the same thing as he did through all December. But this time it finally started snowing. Charles opened the window as wide as he could. Grabbed a snowflake and started to smile. Afterwards he went down stairs to the kitchen. Grabbed the cookies and milk. Found a plate and cup. Went into the living room. Charles then found a little table and placed it in front of the Christmas tree close to the chimney. He served the cookies on the plate and started filling up the glass with milk to the tip.

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