‘The cookies’ | Essay | 10 i karakter

Stealing is not a solution for poverty or lack. All of us are raised up with knowing that stealing is forbidden and that it is wrong. It is never okay to take something from one another that is not yours.

But in the store ‘‘ The cookies ’’ the situation is way different, we read about a family where the kid learned to steal in a young age and we follow the journey along.

The main character has been neglected by his father as a child. Normal fathers would read books with their sons, play basketball or go to for a swim

but the father of the main character showed him how to steal from the age of five, and therefore he didn’t grew up as an normal seven year old child.

P.1, L. 4-6 ‘‘I started pickpocketing when I was only five. That’s when Pop first showed me how 5 easy it is for a small kid to get his tiny hand inside a man’s coat without even touching the material’’.

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