The Charge of the Light Brigade | Analytical essay

The poem begins by describing the story of a brigade comprising of 600 British soldiers, who rode on horsebacks for one and a half miles into the “Valley of death”.

The soldiers followed orders from their commander to charge the enemy forces that had seized their weapons.

None of the soldiers were discouraged or apprehensive by the commander commanding a charge until the soldiers realized that the commanding officer made an earnest mistake, but they still moved forward.

However, it is evenly valid to say that Tennyson published the poem because he had a goal for the public not only to never forget the brave soldiers, but also to never forget the stupidity of the aristocracy leadership, and the mistake that resulted in the whole thing to take place.

Beyond that, the poem’s structure is very unusual, due to the fact, that it contains six stanzas with varying amount of verses.

Poems usually have a pattern with a certain amount of verses and stanzas, but this particularly poem does not. For instance, the first stanza consists of eight verses and the following next two stanzas, consist of nine verses each.

In the fourth stanza the tension of the story increases which can be seen in the following quote: “Flashed all their sabres bare, flashed as they turned in air” (st. 4, vs. 1-2).

This shows that the story has reached its climax through the fourth and fifth stanza, and therefore it catches the reader’s attention. However, each of the six stanzas can symbolize a memorial stone to one hundred of the six hundred cavalrymen.

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