“The Butler” starts incredibly interesting because at the start of the movie Cecil Gaines´s mother gets raped by the slave owner and afterward his father gets shot in the head for protesting the rape.

The introduction of the movie is executed fantastically. Straight off, it gets the viewer completely hooked on the movie.

Scene 0:01:38
Cecil Gaines
Louis Gaines

In this scene, there is a close-up of Cecil and his father. The father discreetly and meteorically tells Cecil about cotton.

The close-up is making Cecil and his father the important thing in the shot, the surroundings in the shot are irrelevant. The thing in focus is the relationship between the father and the son.

The shot is at eye level, which makes the viewer almost feel like they are there in the scene. The eye-level makes it easier to understand the situation in the scene.

Regarding the composition, in the middle of the shot the focus point. The way that the father has his arms around his kid makes it look like they are very close and nothing can go wrong from there.