My general opinion of the film

Analysis of a scene I find interesting: 52:50 - 54:30 The KKK

Pick out two historical events or persons and explain why they are successfully presented in the film
- Kennedy as president and his death:
- The civil rights movement:

The movie “The Butler” is taking place from the early 20th century all the way to the early two thousand.

The movie is following the life of Cecil Gaines from his early years on a cotton farm, through decades as a butler in the white house until he retires.

The film is generally good and does a great job showing how black Americans were treated through the nineteen hundred and all the things they had to go through just to become a little more equal.

These types of movies are not something I usually strive to, but I can with certainty conclude that this is one of the better (black American/slavery/civil rights) movies I have watched through my school years.