The Burial | Essay

Love – the most complicated thing on earth. An important part of the cycle of life and perhaps even the most important. We all need love and we all want love but what happens when the love between two persons starts to fade away? In the short story, The Burial our protagonist Rahul deals with the fact of the love between him and his wife ending.

The Burial is a short story written by Harkiran Dhindsa and it takes place in the backyard of a family.

The short story is about Rahul, a man with an Indian background and his family that consists of his wife Sarah who comes from a village in Yorkshire and their son Tom.

Throughout the short story, we follow the protagonist Rahul and the conversation between him and his wife while he is digging the grave for their dead cat. From the conversations between Rahul and Sarah, it gets clearer and clearer that they are dealing with some serious relationship problems and that Sarah has decided to leave Rahul and take their son with her.

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