The big Fast Fashion problem | Essay

The fashion industry is one of the most served industries. The world consumes over 80 billion new clothing each year . This is also called fast fashion.

Companies convincing us, to buy new clothes we don’t need. The industry also brings in more than 1.2 trillion dollars each year, and 250 million dollars, comes only from the U.S.

They have sold more than a million of these shoes, which they believe is not enough at all when they then look at how many regular shoes they sell in a year.

And you could say that it is good for Adidas that they produce these shoes, as they help make a big difference to CSR becoming a more normal thing in the industry .

Nike, too, is starting to think about new opportunities to produce environmentally friendly products, however in a slightly different way than Adidas does.

Nike is trying to limit their use of leather, and instead create a sustainable form of leather. Where Adidas, as said, is trying to clean up garbage in the oceans.

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