The baddest dog in Harlem | Analytical essay

I must write an analytical essay about the baddest dog in Harlem written by Walter Dean Myers.

I am going to write about what’s the text is about and to get a better view of what it is about. The theme in this text I would say its racism.

The baddest dog in Harlem is about some people who lives in a town called Harlem, they are talking and then some police officers show up and make them wonder what is going on, the police officers begin to ask some questions.

The reason I think that racism is the theme because the police officers are very strict and that they only tell the people down the street that there wasn’t a dead black boy on the bed, but only tells about the dog they have killed.

We get to experience the text from the “I person” perspective (first person narrative) which makes it more understandable to us who reads the text, because we get more into the details and the thoughts from the “I person”.

The writer has done that he doesn’t give us any information about the “I person” which I also find a good way to write a text, because then it can be a random person, or we can set ourselves in that position.

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