The Baddest Dog in Harlem | Analyse | Walter Dean Myers

"The Baddest Dog in Harlem" is a short story written by Walter Dean Myers. The short story focuses on police shootings in Harlem that result in the killing of a young boy and a dog.

The themes in this text are friendship, shooting, police brutality, and racism. In this assignment, I will focus on the setting, characterization, the tone of voice, the message and the themes of the short story.

Furthermore, despite the fact that people in Harlem were likely to be poor, unemployed, and so on, some persons in Harlem were more focused on their job and got an overall better life than others.

"You shot up my new drapes! I don't work all day for you fools to be up here shooting my drapes!" Finally, we get to know that there had been someone who got a job in Harlem and lived in a ghetto:

We get to know that Mary Brown felt better than the others in Harlem and, certainly, in the ghetto. However, the themes in this short story are friendship, shooting, police brutality, and racism.

The first theme in the short story is friendship because the story starts when everyone sits on the rail outside of Big Joe's place and talks about who the best fighter is.

The second theme is the shooting, which is very similar to the third theme, police brutality, because the police shoot and kill a young and innocent boy.

Lastly, the fourth theme is racism since the police frisked Willie for anything illegal, even if the police did not have any reason to believe that Willie had anything illegal on him.

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