The apartheid system | Speech | Engelsk

Good afternoon, Debaters
I’m here to talk to you about the apartheid system in South Africa, and the past and present attitudes to the regime in the country of South Africa.

Why? Because the Apartheid System is the biggest racial segregation, we’ve seen in recent times, and the segregation might not be over yet.

The system of Apartheid is an extraordinary human disaster that lasted too long, and something like that will never happen again if the whole stands together.

Back then people lived under some absurd conditions, that from the present view are seen as a discrimination of human rights. All things that happened under Apartheid should never happen again.

Under Apartheid, we saw an institutionalized form of racial segregation. The whole country was controlled by a minority group of white people.

Black people were forced to live under some brutal conditions. Life under Apartheid was a completely different life, than what we see for the black people today under the current Regime.

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