The american dream speech | 12 i karakter

Hello everybody my name is Basam. As a fellow student I have been asked to give a speech about the importance of the American dream and how the perception have changed a lot through time.

As you may know our country have always been seen as the country of freedom where dreams are meant to turn into reality, and no matter which social background you have it’s irrelevant.

They say if you work hard and are dedicated enough things would eventually fall in places for you. But is that really true in today's society in the United States?

The United States are no longer as open-minded people as we used to be before. We as a country are more divided than ever.

And when even the president himself isn’t afraid to call many minorities horrible things and it doesn’t in any means gather the country together as he claimed he would do.

It therefore has had an impact on how Donald Trump in recent times have changed a lot, and not all changes are meant for the better.

It has resulted in many people not believing in the American dream, and how realistic it may not be it is to achieve “when you aren’t a banker or lawyer or from a family where money isn’t the biggest problem.

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