The American Dream | Speech | 10 i karakter

Hey fellow students! My name is Oliver, I am a senior year student, and this is a speech I have prepared for you all here today at John Hopkins University that describes thoroughly how the American Dream has varied through time.

I will also be commenting on the different perceptions of the American Dream, and I'll also be sharing what I think it takes to achieve today's American Dream.

The American Dream doesn't take into account that people may have limiting factors making them feel stuck in a certain social class or group.

The American Dream doesn't tell you about limiting factors, but I will now. Young kids nowadays join gangs and start socializing with the wrong people, which then leads to bad influences, and they end up in street activity

drugs or even as far as selling their own body. Why does this happen? - well, let me explain. The American Dream states that if you work hard enough in life, no matter your social class, no matter your skin colour

as long as you hustle, you can achieve exactly what you desire the most. This is just not true. People living in the lower level income states like Detroit

Compton etc., are either born into gang-related activity or have to take multiple jobs to help out their families poor finances.

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