‘The American Dream’ | Speech | 10 i karakter

Thank you for letting me speak for you all today. I am incredibly grateful for this opportunity given to me by my English teacher, Karen Dickson.

My name is James Williams and I am a student here at the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore. I have been asked to speak about different perceptions of the American Dream and what it takes to achieve it in today’s America.

The majority says that the American dream is dead or crumbling but some still have hope. But one of my big inspirations

Joel Contartese still has hope and believes in the dream. He has formed some lessons on how to achieve it in todays America.

Joel Contartese has broken the path to the American Dream down into 5 “steps” which are:
1. Focus on the people
Which means to surround yourself with the right people.

2. Fight for your aspirations
No one will give you success, so you must fight for it and work hard.

3. Take unconventional paths
Meaning if you want to achieve your dream it is okay to not take the “conventional” path and go the way you feel fitting.

4. Roll with the punches
Meaning that the bad experiences in life can be seen as it offered you a lesson which you can use later and learn from.

5. There is no underdog
By this Joel Contartese communicates that people often buy into the idea that the “system” is rigged and against them. There are no underdogs. There are those who work hard and those who don’t.

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