The American Dream | Speech | 10 i karakter

Good afternoon everybody. My name is Nanna Dam, and I am a student here at John Hopkins University in Baltimore, just like you are.

Today we are all students, but in a few years, we might have to decide which dream we are going to live.

When we are graduated, we all have the opportunities that possibly can go through our minds - We have the whole world in front of us. All because of our common ancestors, who was fighting for their dream.

So dear fellow students, we are lucky. Everyone inside this hall has the chances to become the coloured scrap, that the past immigrants would do everything in the world to reach, but never became.

I hope you are grateful. All of us here has eighter a talent or financial circumstances, which means that we never have to worry about anything.

In fact, we have been born into our fullest stature. In that case you want to live in the new dream. But for someone, the real American Dream is still living.

If you walk down the streets, you will see families with little tiny human beings, who do not have a home. They do not even have a bed because their parents can afford it.

These children have to work their asses of to get a great job and a good education, so they can do better than their parents did, because they think with hope happiness will come.

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