The American Dream | Speech | 10 i karakter

Welcome my classmates, I am glad you all could join me today. My name is Line Ploug Henriksen, and I am a fellow student here at Johns Hopkins University.

I am very honored to have the opportunity to give the opening speech today. I chose to share a topic with you, which is of great significance to many people in our great country. I will talk about the American Dream and the importance of preserving it.

But one thing is to be part of our society, and the other thing is to stand aside. Professor Takis Pappas from Hungary in Europe concluded that Trump will fail.

Today people can express their opinions. Maybe he is right, but we will not be sure until the day Trump leaves the Oval Office.

We have provided Barack Obama with an eight-year opportunity to make social reforms. However, the citizens of Baltimore felt poorer than before he started.

Many people also believe in Trump, I mean, that is why he became our president. Our leaders should be people who still believe in the American dream.

If the top Americans give up, it may be the end of the United States. If the leader does not believe, then how can we believe in the pursuit of happiness? Trump believes in dreams, and where there is faith, there is hope.

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