The American Dream | Manuscript

Welcome, everyone. I am a fellow student at this university; John Hopkins University. I am honoured that I have been asked to give a speech to you about how the American Dream has changed over time.

I expect to be speaking for a couple of minutes and I will be accounting and commenting on different perceptions of the American dream and be discussing what it takes to achieve it in today’s America.

A broadcast from BBC news is another point of view that shows how difficult it is for the poorest part of the country not to doubt today's America and the American Dream.

Poverty has grown and crime has become more frequent in America over the past years. Because of the lack of job opportunities, the city Baltimore is a city with high rates of prostitution and drug sales.

For many Americans, America is no longer a country of opportunity, which will also be a major challenge for the government.

Only 20% of the population in America feels like they are living in the American dream according to Hearth Insights' 2017 State of the American Dream report.

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