The American Dream | Essay | 10 i karakter

• An introduction to The American Dream – numbers and terms
• Ellis Island
• Immigrants keeping immigrants out?
• The New Girl
• Basic American Values and Beliefs
- The are the 5 most basic American values and beliefs:
• Freedom:
• Equality:
• Individualism:
• Volunteerism:
• Patriotism:
• The pursuit of happiness
• The Hate U Give (Film)

• An introduction to The American Dream – numbers and terms
The American dream was a belief that everyone could end up being something special no matter what.

Even if they were born into poverty in their home country. In America people could start a new life and end up being successful. That dream made millions of people go to the United States.

• Ellis Island
Ellis island was an island where all the immigrants started their “American Dream”.

The island welcomed more than 12 million immigrants, who had traveled thousands of miles to their final destination.

When people arrived at Ellis island they were registered and after that, they were free to go into the United States to chase their dreams.

The first immigrants that came to the shore of Ellis Island was a girl named Annie Moore, who had traveled along with her brothers from Ireland.

But not every immigrant was sent to Ellis Island, it was only the ones that seemed to be a public charge in the United States. At the inspection of the immigrants their papers read through and a doctor had to see if they had good health.

Only two percent of the arrivals were sent back to their own country, and that could for example be because the doctors had diagnosed an immigrant with some kind of disease which could end up being a problem in public.

• Immigrants keeping immigrants out?
The United States is a country with a population from all over the world, but in the 21st century it is different.

Immigration to the states has become a much-discussed topic, precisely because several thousand people from Mexico, for example, are trying to enter the country to start a life.

Immigrants keep immigrants out, and the title of the topic stems from the fact that some U.S. states have started keeping immigrants out using barriers and the Trump Wall that has been built.

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