The American Dream | Engelsk Speech

Hello everyone. My name is Benjamin Hougaard and I’m a student here at Johns Hopkins University. Some of you might recognize me

I know that I see some familiar faces. Anyway, I’ve been asked to speak about the American dream for you today. So, what is the American dream, is it something you dream when you sleep?

Is it people who lives in foreign countries, dreaming about moving to the U.S? Or is it something else? Before I go further

I would like to thank my English teacher Ulla Mølbæk, for giving me this opportunity. I’m very excited to speak to all of you about this.

Anthony Ghosn, Hearth's chief executive officer, states that "Millennials faced one of the worst recessions in American history, which made it 10 tough to find jobs, especially as older generations delayed retirement," he says.

"They also have to deal with soaring student loan debt and stagnant wages." . This of course makes the American dream much harder, because, if they don’t have jobs

it will get very tough to buy a house, which a big factor in living the American dream, to many people.

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