The American Dream | Argumentative essay

The term “American Dream” was invented in 1931 where a man wrote about the belief that anyone, regardless of their social class or where they were born, can accomplish any goal they set through hard work, sacrifices and risk-taking.

The dream quickly became light in the darkness for struggling workers in America and also to struggling citizens of other countries, who wanted their lives to be improved and richer.

Therefor foreigners came to America which was then seen as the land of hope and opportunity to start a new and better life.

Baltimore is a great example of what poverty looks like in America. In a video by BBC from 2018 a citizen of Baltimore states that they are undereducated and underpaid and moreover we are told that Baltimore is where selling your body or selling drugs is the only job available.

A woman living in Clarington argues the same thing: “Clarington is a shit hole. Jobs al left. There is nothing here anymore. […] There is nothing else for kids to do here but drugs. No jobs.”

Creating jobs for Americans is areason why Trump was voted for, because there is indeed need of it in some places.

Trump says that he wants to create jobs and lower the taxes for middle-class people which is believed to higher the changes of the American Dream, that many still seeks, and that is probably partly why he won the election in 2016.

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