The American Dream | Analytical essay

Write an analytical essay in which you analyze the essay The American Dream is Also About Generosity and Respect by Joseph Kim. In your analysis you focus on argumentation, rhetorical devices as well as forms of appeal.

In the end, you discuss whether the essay and the copy of pictures including text from Facebook have the same audience and message.

What is the American dream and how do you achieve it?

When you hear the phrase American Dream you probably think about wealth and the good life in the U.S. but is it's so easy to achieve the American Dream.

we often see in movies and hear about have often people achieved the American Dream but is it as easy as it sounds.

Kim has written an essay about the American Dream and how he achieved the American dream Joseph Kim's essay is from winter 2021.

and he told his story in 2020 at the bush center. The themes of his essay are that the American dream is not only about the good life but also that you must be generous and have respect towards others. How do you achieve the American dream and what does the American Dream entail?

As we hear in his essay. he did not achieve the American dream ruled out on his merits. "I didn't achieve the American dream solely upon my merits ” He talks about all the generous people who have helped him along the way towards the dream he had.

His American Dream. All the people who helped him. For example, that one person helped him write his college application, and got him a full scholarship.

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