‘That Summer’ | Analytical essay | 12 i karakter


First, the short story “That Summer” (2015) is about how the narrator has this feeling that someone is going to die. At first, he has this bad feeling in his guts, but Noel makes fun of him.

Throughout the short story, the narrator and his friends observe Mrs. Walsh, and the narrator is fascinated by her body. Although he likes her appearance, her family is catholic, and everyone finds them mysterious and strange.

Shortly after watching Mrs. Walsh sunbathe topless, Kim McCaig and Philip Davidson go missing. At this point, the narrator gets the same gut feeling

that something horrible will happen to the missing children, but they reappear shortly after. Later, Mrs. Walsh dies in a car crash. To sum up, the narrator’s gut feeling turns out to be right after all.


The Northern Ireland conflict between the Catholics and the protestants created division between the citizens.

The political and religious roots that started this conflict led not only to social and political violence but sometimes even physical violence.

The protestant’s political beliefs and the Catholic’s religious beliefs influenced the children of the adults, which meant that a political family could not associate with a religious family at any costs.

In the short story ”That Summer” written by Safia Moor (2015), we are brought into an example of division, prejudice

and social violence from the children of the town’s point of view, and how The troubles, as it also was called, affected their town and childhood.

That Summer (2015) is a short story written by Safia Moor. Throughout the story, some main themes shine through

those being physical- and verbal violence, conflict, and childhood. The short story takes place in Northern Ireland. The plot takes place in a period known as The Troubles (lines 69-79).

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