Teenagers especially knows to addiction. The feeling of not being able to put it away. It could be horror. The strangely but enjoyable feeling of getting scared.

The feeling of being alive. But it could also be cellphones. Almost every teenager has one and is probably a lot online. It is very addictive. But why is it so important knowing what others are doing? Seeing what others are posting?

“Selfies” is a horror short story. There is fewer settings and it is shorter than a regular novel. There is told in the story that she is getting a brand new phone and takes selfies with it (p.5 ll.15-23).

A selfie is a relative new phenomenon so the story doesn’t take place a long time ago. It could be a few years ago. The story is also taking place where she was born.

She is telling about the playground where she used to play (p.12 ll.11-12). It could be a symbol for when everything was good and when she was not taking over hundreds of selfies a day. In that part there is also mood words to describe her running away.