Optimer dit sprog - Læs vores guide og scor topkarakter

Chapter 12
The next day did not go as expected. Neville’s experiment does not turn out as he wanted them to, and he can’t seem to figure out how to kill the germs. He tries different things, but without any effect. Neville becomes frustrated and very angry at himself for being too stupid to figure out the right answer. As the dog is running around in the sunlight – the dog is not infected yet.

Neville tries to follow the dog, but is not able to catch up, as he has a really bad hangover from the previous nights. Neville then puts out some meat surrounded by garlic, in the small hope of the dog returning. He ends that saying a small prayer to God, that it will protect the dog.

Chapter 13
The following morning Neville found signs, that the dog had been there during the night. Both the milk and meat were gone. Neville blames himself for not being awake, while the dog was at his porch. Luckily the dog returned later on that day. When thinking about the dog’s survival, he gets a small hope, that other humans also survived.

Neville continues to feed the dog over a longer period, but then one day the dog shows up really sick, and Neville is now able to grab the dog and get it inside a room. The dog dies a week later.

Chapter 14
Neville recalls a day after he had reburied his wife, Virginia. Neville was forced off the streets and into a tent meeting, where a preacher had given the crowd a message of doom. The message was about how God had sent the plague to punish the world with vampires.