Streamlining | Muli Amaye | Analyse

Love is the most important thing to give to your children. The love of one’s parents is very important to a child’s development. No children should be discriminated.

Discriminating against their children puts a mark on the children’s future life. The short story “streamlining” written by Muli Amaye grab on to this discrimination between children. In this case we meet the mother which discriminate between her two children Jocie and Brandon.

The short story begins in media res, right in the middle of a conversation between the main character Jocie and her brother Brandon.

The main character Jocie is 32 years old and she left home when she was 17. She has a brother and a mother, and her father left them when she was 12 years old.

She works as the head of a creative team in a company, and she is very good at her job. Jocie’s inner characterization presents her as a successful career woman, but who is deeply frustrated with her family which makes her feel like a failure.

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