Streamlining | Analytical Essay | Muli Amaye

Have you ever thought about how much your parents love you? Love comes in different versions from our parents.

The love your parents give you is responsible for your development and the future you will have. Another thing that’s important too, is the social inheritance which also has a big impact on you as a child.

But discrimination is one of the worst terms we have in this world. No children should be discriminated against whether you are a girl or a boy.

It’s impossible to know how much you’re are affecting your children’s in terms of future development.

Josie is our main character of the short story. She is 32 years old, because of this quotation:” She’d left home when she was seventeen for God’s sake.

Fifteen years ago.” (8-9). Her father is African, and we do have a feeling, that she has something African in her.

She has a brother named Brandon, a mother, and a father who left them when she was twelve years old. “He hadn’t been back to Africa in all of Jocie’s twelve years” line (77).

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