Streamlining | Analytical Essay | Muli Amaye | Engelsk opgave

Streamlining is a short story written by the British author from Manchester, Muli Amaye. She is an author of novels, short stories and poems.

She is only an author in her spare time, as she has a fulltime job as an academic at Lancaster university. Normally, her fiction stories regard the themes immigration, memory and identity.

The title of this short story, “Streamlining” means making an organisation or a system more effective through faster or simpler methods. The short story Streamlining is about two siblings who are on their way in a car to visit their mother.

The use of language in this story is very normal everyday speech. The language is not very formal, but not very informal. In the story Muli decided to switch between an omniscient narrator and dialogue.

It is an all-knowing perspective which let us dive into Jocie’s private thoughts during the car ride where we also get to know her mother. In conjunction with the language, we also get to know the difference between the two siblings.

We also get a humorous and ironic telling. In this quote Muli conveys Jocie’s frustrations about her mother and brother with the benefit of irony: “It wasn’t his fault he’d been born with a penis” .

Additionally to this, the author also uses imaginary descriptions that gives us a mental image of the characters and their actions in the story. It helps us to sense the atmosphere at the moment.

There is also a lot of repetitions in the story as for instance Jocie’s frustrations on how her mother always have had preferred Brandon. Their mother always finds excuses for him.

The following iterations are used:

If he turned up in a creased shirt, it was his girlfriend’s fault. If his hair wasn’t neat, it was the barber’s fault.

If he had a hangover, it was his mates’ fault. The iterations have the effect that it is made very clear for the reader to understand and capture the message of the story.

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