Streamlining | Analytical essay | 10 i karakter

I am going to analyze the short story called “Streamlining”. The short story is written by Muli Amaye, she is an author in short stories in her spare time and normally she is studying at the university of the West Indies.

The short story is about a mother who does not treat her children equally. She shows more love for her son Brandon than for her daughter Jocie.

In the short story we meet Jocie, Brandon and their mother. Jocie and Brandon is brother and sister. Their father left them at an early age, so they only have their mother left.

Jocie is a middle-aged woman. She is a successful manager who feels at home at work but also works really hard.

She has learned the principle about streamlining at her workplace and she can relate to this principle and sees an opportunity to use in her family relation.

She is a really responsible human being and have always been the responsible person in their family.

in relation to the fact that we have her brother Brandon, who is a 31-year-old man, that works in the insurance industry.

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