‘Streamlining’ | Analytical essay | 10 i karakter

Growing up today can be challenging in more than one way. Some people struggle with confidence, school, mental health, and more so.

These are just some of the challenges that many children battle against during childhood. For some children, the biggest issue is happening behind the four walls at home.

The feeling of being left alone, feeling downgraded and overlooked by some of your closest.

In the short story called “Streamlining” by Muli Amaye, we are taken on a ride with the protagonist and her brother, where family relations, favouritism, and yearly independence are obvious themes.

Moving on with this analysis, we are going to take a look at characterization. In this short story, we are dealing with three characters, the protagonist Jocie, her brother Brandon and their mother.

Dealing with only three characters is another typical genre characteristic of the short story. Our starting point will be Jocie and how the mother’s upbringing has affected Jocie.

The protagonist, Jocie, is a mature woman probably between the age of 25-35 with neatly braided hair (P.1 L.11).

We also get the impression that her family is of African descent. The first imprint when the brother had talked about “shagging a white girl” (P. 1 L. 5). Another quote that points in that direction is when it says.

”He hadn’t been back to Africa in all of Jocie’s twelve years” (P.3 L.77). These two lines give us an idea of them coming from a multicultural family.

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