‘Streamlining’ | Analytical essay | 10 i karakter

The title, “Streamlining”, means to make a system or organization to be more effective, by simpler or faster methods, also called “easing the process”.

The title is pointing at the main character´s vision on work. Jocie fires or dismisses lazy or critical coworkers, and she calls this streamlining.

“Weeded out the slackers and off-loaded them onto other teams. Nicely, of course. Streamlining she called it. Saving the company money. In reality, she dumped anyone who challenged her with attitude.”

In these lines we also get a suggestion about a second conflict between Jocie and her mother. After the introduction to the characters, we start to hear more about Jocie´s private life, her inner and her outer conflicts.

In the car Jocie talks to her brother and he leads her to having some flashbacks to the past, where she is very frustrated with her brother and mother.

“Brandon never seemed to worry about visiting Mother. Took it all in his stride. That was because Mother doted on him. He couldn’t do anything wrong.”

The flashback she gets is also about how she got blamed for everything, and we get the first tell of her father who left them, when she at age 12.

“Her earliest memories were about being responsible: for waking up Brandon with her crying; for giving Mummy a headache with all her chatter; for making Daddy leave because she was always naughty.”

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