Speech The American Dream | Engelsk aflevering

Good morning everybody, I’m happy to be here today. I am a student here onJohns Hopkins University in Baltimore, my name is xxxx.

Today I want to talk about, how the American have changed over time.

I have divided my speech into 2 captures, first I would like to tell you about how the American dream turned into a nightmare.Secondly, I will discuss how we can make the difference go back to the old culture again.

In today’s America peoples gets aggressive to the political peoples because they just try to give hope, and they do not give opportunities to the peopleso they can get a job.

If we take a general perspective at the American people, they feel they live among a population where they not are getting what they deserve.

Because when Donald Trump was voted into the political office, he had a job and a dream, he decided to get all the racism and culture differences gone.

But his dream failed, and he just make it worser for himself, and the whole country. I have one thing I need to say “Make America great again people” we need to get back to the old culture, where we lived for success, and not under the planet.

We need our rights to be a country with success, money and a happy life.

I heard that a “Trump voter” from Clarington, Ohio, says “Clarington is a shit hole. Jobs all left. There is nothing here anymore.

When Ormet aluminum factory closed, jobs all disappeared.” The voter decided to vote on Trump because he has promised the people that they will get a job and a life with money.

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