Speech by Michelle Obama | Essay | 10 i karakter

The speech was held by Michelle Obama on February 28th 2013, and the title of the speech is Michelle Obama’s address to Chicago school children at the launch of “Let's Move Active Schools.” The place of publication was in Chicago, Illinois.

Her speech is directed towards children in Chicago, she talks about how she wants them to become more active, eat healthier and focus on their school no matter where they come from or what their surroundings look like.

Even Though the language in the speech is informal she still manages to make the tone of it serious and cheerful at the same time. This also helps the audience understand the message that she is trying to get across better.

The rhetorical effects add this serious tone to the speech because when repetitions are used or when you ask rhetorical questions the audience gets a chance to understand and really think about what is being said.

The theme of Michelle Obama's speech is very relevant these days, though many young people and children tend to take the easy way out when it comes to education or their health.

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