Speech about Globalization | 12 i karakter

Good afternoon everyone. My name is Jesse Lingard, and I am a student here at The Economics and the Humanities Faculty at Boston College in Boston.

Have you ever thought about what the world would look like without globalization? Probably not and the reason for that is because globalization takes part in our everyday lives without us even thinking about it.

That is only one example of howglobalization affects the various social classes differently, and how the American working class almost is forgotten and left behind as J.D. Vance talks about in his ted talk.

He grew up very poor in the Rust Belt and he tells a moving story of his childhood in poverty. Among other things, Vance points out globalization as one of the main reasons behind low-skilled workers struggling to go to universities and find jobs.

Vance finds that globalization has caused cultural barriers between the hard-working poor white people and the more privileged. The more privileged people look down on these weaker cultures andthat threatens social mobility.

It prevents the people in the Rust Belt to move out of their area and in doing so, preventing them for trying toimprove their standards of living,as they become too stubbornto be a part of something new that does not acknowledge them.

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