Speech about Giving Ex-cons A Second Chance

Fine day to you all, I am here from the University Of Texas and I am here to talk to you all about giving ex-cons a second chance because they are not all bad people.

As you know, prisoners are a big factor in today's society. We see that only 33 percent of people convicted get “rehabilitated” in that 67 percent of convicted felons go back to prison within 3 years of being released from prison. This will just result in overpopulated jail cells and will only further the cost of imprisonment for the government.

To help the ex-cons reintegrate into society and stay out of prison, they would likely need to get a job. But the thing is, with a record that can be very difficult. In fact, we see that the likelihood of that happening decreases by almost 50 percent, and even worse for the African Americans.

And without a job, and no way of making an honest living, they often go back to what works, and that would be crimes such as selling drugs.

This could all go away if we make sure that these people get reintegrated and make sure that they behave correctly and lawfully in our current modern society.

The Federal Bonding Program has managed to help with this, by lowering the taxes of companies that do hire ex-cons, by almost $2,400 per worker.

What we have already seen from a local pizzeria owner, here in Texas, is that he is a member of a program, Brothers-Helping-Brothers.

This allows for ex-cons to get employed and start living their new lives. We see that 93 percent of ex-cons released and got a job, reintegrated into society and stayed out of prison.

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