Hello everyone. My name is …and I am a young entrepreneur who is here to tell you students about the impact of food waste.

I am happy to be invited and I look forward to teaching you guys furthermore about food waste that you might not know yet. Basic food waste defines the food that in the end never gets eaten or used.

Besides all this awful information there has also been a positive progress. Between 2007 and 2012, the amount of avoidable food waste produced by UK households decreased by 21%, from 5.3m tons to 4.2m tons, largely due to greater awareness as a result of campaigns such as Wrap’s Love Food, Hate Waste.

Food could for example be wasted or lost on the farm, they could be missing out on some vegetables.

It is generally lost or wasted along the whole food supply chain: on the farm, in processing and manufacture, in shops, in restaurants and canteens and in the home.

With this said the reasons for food waste vary widely and can be sector specific. There are some different factors contributing food waste.

Promotion and campaigns like “buy one get one free” can easily go wrong and end up in too much food being purchased or prepared.