Son of a satan | Analytical essay

I have chosen to make an analysis of the short story “Son of Satan”. “Son of Satan” is written by Charles Bukowski in 1982.
My analysis will mainly focus on 3 areas, which is the narrator, the characters, and what impact they have on the story. Furthermore, I'm going to analyse the time aspect, and setting of the story.

The story starts with the three boys, the narrator, Hass and Morgan are sitting underneath a tree in the narrator’s backyard, smoking a cigarette, thinking about life. Suddenly the narrator says that another boy called Simpson, had claimed that he fucked a girl under his house. The three boys are quick to agree, on paying Simpson a visit.

When the boys arrive at Simpsons house they confront him with his alleged doings, Simpson refuses to have said those things. The narrator as the alpha male of the group decides to bring Simpson to his backyard so he can get his punishment.

The narrator sentence Simpson to death by hanging, the three boys proceed to hang Simpsons. After they hung Simpsons the boys ran off. When the narrator returns home later the same day, his father is waiting for him, to give him, what he referred to, as “’The beating of his life”.

The story is told through a first-person narrator, the narrator in this story is also the main character. He seems trustworthy because of the way he shares his feelings with us, throughout the story.

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