Social mobility in Britain | Essay | 12 i karakter

Recently, the class division of Britain has been questioned. A vast majority of individuals feel disregarded and neglected

and yet the limited amount of people that manage to fulfil their immense ambitions and accomplish to attain their place in the middle class are startled by the substantial difference in living conditions.

Likewise, if we scrutinize the “Statistics from State of the Nation 2016,” which undoubtedly gives us a neutral perspective on the situation.

The statistics centralize on which regions, FSM and non-FSM kids graduate with the highest marks in their corresponding GCSEs and the working population savers with less than £100.

The statistics give us an unbiased insight into one of the enormous issues that have helped build the destructive foundation social inequality thrives upon.

That children born into underprivileged families simply won’t receive an education corresponding to the entitled.

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