Sea Defences | Analytical essay

In a society, there will always be the ones that are not like everybody else. Whether that person has a physical disability, a mental disability, or just different from the rest, people tend to take notice and often look down on them, and because of their disability, they make a perfect scapegoat.

This is what happens in Hilary Taylor’s short story Sea Defences, with the protagonist of the story, Michael.

“There have only been two times in twenty-nine years that anyone has said thank you” (l. 34). The quote implies that the story happened 29 years after the accident.

Michael took a little girl, Hannah Bird, to see some fossils at the beach when Hannah, unfortunately, drowned where she left a red shoe behind that Michael kept.

Feeling guilty, Michael, started watching the other kids at the beach to relieve his guilt and prevent the same from happening.

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