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To lose a loved one is one of the toughest things in life. There will always be a piece missing in your heart. Every time you think back at some silly memory with the loved one, maybe when you were laughing at something you did, or when you sang your favorite song together.

You will get miserable when thinking back, to these memories with the loved one. In the short story “Same Same but Different” written by Anna Hayden, you will relive these things. And think of your loved ones and appreciate those they are alive and miss those you lost, and because it is written as late as in 2016, you will know that you are not the only one, who cannot accept the loss of a loved one.

The short story begins in media res, in the middle of a date between the narrator and an Australian man called Luke. The story is using several flashbacks, so you cannot call it a traditional plot, it is more like a flashback plot. We are getting the information regarding the narrator and her past from these flashbacks. The main story is in the present, the real story is in the past.

As we move forward in the story, we get a glimpse of the narrator’s conflict surrounding her sister, “It wasn’t my friend, actually, it was Molly who was the culprit…” (line 22).

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