Rosebud Preserves | Afsætning

Rosebud Preserves is a company witch sales Fruit-filled Jams, buttery Curd and Yorkshire Honey, refreshing Marmalades, Rich Chutneys, traditional Pickles and marmalade gin liqueur. Rosebud Preserves owned by Elspeth Biltoft.

She started the company in 1989, there story start in Swaledale, a few miles west of Richmond in one of Yorkshire’s Dales. It is famous for dry stone walls, old field barns and wildflower meadows in the upper Dale and for its river which tumbles over rocks between green meadows and fell side fields along the narrow limestone valley.

Elspeth Biltoft grew up in the countryside and has always had a realization to nature. Her family has since she was little lived on farms an marked their own jams, honey, marmalades and so on.

When Elspeth started the company Rosebud Preserves was it because she wanted to make home-based business to support her family, and then preserve making was high on her list of possibilities.

Her parents taught her to appreciate the value of all these wild and home-grown ingredients.

Today is that still a big value for Elisabeth and is now also a big part of her company Rosebud Preserves. Rosebud Preserves’ values are to create a company which follows the tradition about Preserve making but also a company there retains the family spirit.

Over the years has their mission become developing time-honored skills, by practicing authentic techniques and reproducing traditional recipes. They want to give people an experience of something there is a little old according to the history about preserves.

Their vision is to create product there er most likely homemade and they want their products to be fresh and delicious.

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