Rosebud Preserves | 10 i karakter | Afsætning

1. Make a short description of the company Rosebud Preserves using maximum 2400 signs

2. Identify the mission, values and competitive strategies of Rosebud Preserves using maximum 2400 signs

3. Briefly describe in which market/-s the company Rosebud is operating.

4. Identify the target group of Rosebud Preserves. In order to do this you are to make a segmentation of the market by identifying the parameters relevant for a company as Rosebud.

5. Comment on the following statements (5-10 lines):
a. Using lifestyle models give a better understanding of the target group.
b. Using crap apples is a good way to brand a company like Rosebud Preserve.
c. It easier to stay true to the company’s mission as a smaller company.

Rosebud Preserves is a company making different preserves. In 1989 it was founded by Elspeth Biltoft.

Trough her mother, Elspeth learned to appreciate the values of Yorkshires beautiful dales and the homegrown and wild ingredients, still used in Rosebud’s products this day today.

Elspeth and her mother were together making preserves for personal use. Elspeth developed her skills in this field and followed eight traditional recipes taught to her by her mother.


Rosebud Preserves has not stated an official mission statement. In order to identify the mission statement, I have therefore used information from their website.

As Rosebud Preserves is focusing on their tradition, heritage and the making and quality of their products, this quote from their website is a proper estimate of a mission statement of Rosebud Preserves.

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